Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zhubaiss Outing

me , fen

me Dan

me Adrian aka zhubai

camwhoring whole day

they're so cute ♥

all damn hungry waited for the buffet start -__-

i have no idea why are we so high up there..

im recording his singing..awesome!! =D

BFF group pic ♥


I wont forget what happened in this outing for the rest of my life!! =D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emo-fied blogspot!

Loving black and white =D

I got a new blog!!
Nowadays i used to blog over there because it's more convenient.
If lazy post "karangan" i can just upload some pictures or reblogs ppl's stuff.
Having 2 weeks break..damn boring la..
Gonna rot in the house..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Damn down i really dont wanna say hi to sem 4 la…was the 1st one walk out from the exam hall..looks cool right?? haha because it’s toooo easy to FAIL!! I just answer 2 or 3 question out of the whole paper…saw Francis stop at the same question as me..i knew he also does not know how to do..cuz we are same spesies….when the clock shows 3.15 i decided to get out from the hall,then i turn back and looked at Francis, we were thinking the same thing…haha then we hand in the paper, Jibran joined us too! hahahaha 3 hero!!

Really worry that we gonna sit for sem 4..wth.. My mom will fuck me upside down..but if really have to stay for sem 4 im not gonna tell her i guess…will try to pay the fees myself…huhu But one thing im not worry about is lots ppl will teman me especially Francis!! hahahaha
Now i must study Sociology kao kao!!! At least must take B weh in order to save my final’s total CGPA….cheh macam yes but CMI (cannot make it) ….

Good Luck Michelle Tan!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Moments ♥♥♥

Was so bored staying at home this two days..Thursday suddenly not feeling well, perut masuk angin akibat eat too much santan d…Stomach damn fucking pain macam PMS…wth -___-
Thursday had a very sweet moment with baby. =) Early morning i decided not to go Uni because Fen is not waited him too fetch me from Lrt.. Then something happened..*arguments* Anyway, after that we went pasar bought ingredients for doing onde-onde.. he said he wanna do kueh for sweet..hahaha some more i love to eat onde-onde…

After buying stuff then heading back home,like usual i wash the vege prepare to cook for lunch, then he sit at the hall reading newspaper like tuan muda…i already biasa with this (before this i damn angry with him because everytime i busy doing something in the kitchen or something else he will only sit there and read newspaper and online -__-, but now ad biasa because i realize guys memang like this,and i don’t want fight d)…after washing the vege i started cook lunch =)
He got this habit, everytime finish cooking some dishes he will go curi makan..but end up he will complain..but this time surprisingly he told me that the lauk is nice!! And he highlighted this is the 1st time nice…wakao!! this is good i
told myself =) *weee*

Then after makan lunch we start to do our kueh!! this sounds bit weird..haha! The ingredients for doing onde-onde is very simple..(now only i know after he teach me, my mom also don’t know how to do kueh o!) What we need is tepung pulut,then gula melaka, and santan that haven perah wan. That’s all…if want do exactly like outside onde-onde have to use pandan leaf and blend it after that perah it juice to use as colouring the pulut. But we skip this step cuz didn’t buy pandan leaf and we don’t have blender also.. Then we start to do the kueh like how we do the “tang yuan”, make a ball shape then flatten it and put the gula melaka into it then make it like a ball again….(weird instruction -__-) Then after doing all this steps throw all these balls into the boiling water wait until it float means boleh makan, then roll them on the santan then can eat d…wuahahaha..isn’t it easy? =D

I enjoyed the moment we doing every stuff together,eating,cooking,fighting,boxing, and so on….haha =) Every onde dalam punya gula melaka bagai kasih cintanye melting inside my heart!!!!! *geli*

Besides this, he cooked green bean soup…erm…actually i don’t really like to eat this, but cinta punya pasal i makan only…quite ok la.. =) But i swear i wont eat this two things together ad, because this causing me masuk angin, sebab santan very sejuk green bean also sangat sejuk…semua cinta punya pasal..huhuhu

Anyway thanks to my baby ♥♥

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fen visit Michie ♥

My lil michie like to me..hahaha
Yesterday went to see her again..i brought Fen Leigh along too...
After eat she play awhile dah letih then afraid one day she'll get obesity -__-

pose 1

pose 2

pose 3

pose 4 (this is soooooooooooooo cute!!! ♥♥)

pose 5

pose 6

pose 7

pose 8

me and fen ♥

look at her eyeliner..haha

ignore my dress -___-